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    Unanswered: Primary Keys and Foreign Keys

    I have the Tables Patient, Doctor, Treatment, Pat_Doc_Treat, and Schedule.

    Patient(patientNumb, SS, name, dateOfBirth, address, dateAdmitted, clinic)
    Doctor(doctorID, name, pagerNumb)
    Treatment(treatmentCode, desciption)
    Pat_Doc_Treat(patientNumb, doctorID, treatmentCode, date, comments)
    Schedule(doctorID, date, clinic, numbOfWorkHours)

    So...I know that the underlined attributes are the primary keys.
    But for some of them, I'm kind of confused to pose it as the foreign keys.

    Patient - patientNumb PRIMARY KEY
    Doctor - doctorID PRIMARY KEY
    Treatment - treatmentCode PRIMARY KEY
    Pat_Doc_Treat - (patientNumb, doctorID, treatmentCode, date) PRIMARY KEY
    patientNumb FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Patient(patientNumb),
    doctorID FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Doctor(doctorID),
    treatmentCode FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Treatment(treatmentCode),
    date --> This is newly created in the table (no references)
    Schedule - (doctorID, date, clinic) PRIMARY KEY
    doctorID FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES Doctor(doctorID),
    date --> Does this reference to Pat_Doc_Treat(date) or it doesn't?
    clinic --> Does reference to Patient(clinic)? Since it isn't a primary key in that table, it shouldn't be, right?


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    please post DDL (CREATE TABLE) for all tables being discussed; including the PKs
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    Please post your table structure with the keys defined or generate the script and paste it here

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