Hi, i am new in this field so i don't know where exactly my problem stands but i will try to explain it simpler as i understand it. I need to deploy my project which i made in C# 4.0, i made a setup of the application and when i try to run in another computer, i get an error about my connection in database which can't establish.

So what my problem really is that, i created a database in Visual Studio 2010 using Server Explorer, right click to Data Connection and i choose my own computer as server. In my own computer the project runs perfectly. But i can't deploy the database with the application together, it has an extension .dbo and connection string "Data Source=AMET-PC;Initial Catalog=Transaksionet;Integrated Security=True;Pooling=False".

If someone knows how to deploy the database or to change the data source to Microsoft Sql Commpact edition please let me know, also if you need further explanation i can help you with that, thanks.