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    Unanswered: Catalog all DB Actions?

    Hi all,

    So i'm trying to come up with a way to capture all queries and actions performed on a DB for a set period of time.

    Reason: Well It's simple. I have a Web Application that does a bunch of stuff, and I want to tie into the DB to reproduce a specific action or actions. And i don't want to mess with the Original Applications Scripts and Markup.

    So i want to be able to listen and log all queries made to the DB, and then copy these actions and use them in my own scripts. The idea is i will be able to create my own little API to perform some action without messing with the original Application. I'm doing this for a Shopping Cart Script i have that uses several Layers to break up it's Logic and Views. and instead of learning this new system i would much rather just "record" what it does for a specific action, copy edit these actions and create my own script to perform some specific action.

    Well, I hope that makes sense. Any pointers on this would be great!

    Thanks, oh and i hope you all had a fun Halloween....

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    you can enable query logging (requires restart of mysql).
    mind you this could have serious impact on your application performance.

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    Hey thanks,

    Ya i know about that option. I'm trying to find some other solutions, as it would be used while a site is live. and restarting is not an option.

    Come to think of it, i could always do that on a local copy of the site..... um something to think about.

    I would really like to find some other solutions, perhaps i need to look into some php solutions using flags or something.


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