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    Unanswered: need help with restore of a BAK file SQL 2005


    i did some major changes to data in a DB ,so before i did it i did a full backup via the SQL Server managemtn tool now a month later the ownerr decided to revert all the changes, my problem is if i do a resotre from the the bak file it will overwrite all the new data we had add it in the last month

    my question is how do i do a full restore from the bak file but not overwrite the new data

    Pleasae help

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    You can't restore a backup without restoring the data contained in the backup.

    You could restore it to another database and then compare your schemas, or just go through the change log that I'm sure you would have and undo each of the changes you have made.

    The question you need to address is how does reverting the database schema affect the data that has been entered. Eg - if you moved a field out of one table into a new table so you could have a one to many relationship then how do you get that data back into the original table where multiple records have been created. Or if you've changed an integer column to a varchar to store expanded data how do you revert that back where your customers have already started entering text data....

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    It is not possible I think there is no such option available in sql server

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