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    Unanswered: sql query help required

    I have two is master table and other one is detail table.master table contains ID and Name column in other hand detail table contains ID,Address,Salary column.
    I need to extract data once from master table and multiple time from detail table with comparison of ID column of both the tables.


    id name address salary

    101 aaa kol 5000
    del 2000

    102 bbb mum 10000
    hyd 11000

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    It looks like a simple join. Clearing the repeating master column values depends on your reporting tool. In sqlplus, it is possible to achieve by using BREAK command. If you use the different reporting tool, study its abilities of doing it. You may also get this result in SELECT statement directly using Oracle analytic functions.

    This thread on OraFAQ shows the above mentioned techniques:

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    You can simple use the inner join condition on both the table's id colum

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