I have an Access 2003 database that now needs to run in Access 2010.

Amongst the many changes I have so far had to make to forms and VBA I have now hit a wall trying to resolve a particular issue.

I have a report that extracts to Excel and various bits of formatting are applied. This is all done via VBA.

One part of the code draws a textbox and then populates it with text.

The extract of code that is causing the problem is as follows:

exlBook.Sheets("Extract").Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTex tOrientationHorizontal, 1520, 540, _
384#, 180).Select

For byta = 0 To objExcel.WorksheetFunction.Ceiling(Len(arrTextSumm ary(3)) / 200, 1)
If byta = 0 Then
objExcel.Selection.Characters((byta * 200) + 1).Insert String:=Left(arrTextSummary(3), 200)
objExcel.Selection.Characters((byta * 200) + 1).Insert String:=Mid(arrTextSummary(3), (byta * 200) + 1, 200)
End If
Next byta

The line in BOLD is the problem and reports the error -

"Runtime error: 1004 Unable to get the Characters property of the TextBox class"

This ran faultlessly in 2003 and though I have tried I cannot fathom how I need to rewrite this line in order to get the code to work.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,