Hi Experts :

user logs into what exactly? : Logs into web based application
user logs in how? He logs in using a page which is a web based application.
user logs in using what? : his database username and password.
Is this a 3-tier application? : Yes is on an ibm websphere.
Current user Authentication : LDAP

Requirement : To get this User Authentication & Permission to the Database.

I am a little new to Logical / ERD Designing and really will appreciate any guidance.
I must design an ERD/logical flow of a web based USER AUTHENTICATION module.
Currently LDAP is used for all such authentication and permissions for users. We want to get this to the database.

What i intend ?
a)User logs in
b) is checked which group he belogs to ?
c) depending on the group, he is allocated to applications. He might have only View permission to this application and have write , update permission
to another application also. How do I achieve this functionality ?

i dont knw how to attach files here . i have prepared one ERD, logical diagram but dont know how to share. if any one could
please share email ids i can share my ones and you guys could please guide .

Please help ! Kindly guide as to get this design place , the logical / ERD design ?

thanks in anticipation.