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    Unanswered: Pull part of a string into a report.

    I'm new to crystal reports and have recently moved information that I use to maintain in a spreadsheet into an ODBC databse that is connected to CR10. Previously I was able to seperate the info in excel with the "text to columns" button using the 'space' as a delimiter. Is there a formula that I can use to identify the space delimiter? Once I've parsed the string, I would like to build a formula that adds the qty of like drum sizes. Ultimately, I am pulling a report from a shipping table to gather metrics on the number of different size containers being shipped each day. Unfortanately this information is kept in a text string.

    the table field I'm pulling from is {lineitem.adddescrip} and the line items look like this:
    The profile id is followed by the quantity of containers shipped x container size.

    X28342 1x30 2x15 2x55
    H50108 1x5 1x30
    H50108 1x10 1x20
    X99293 10x5 5x55

    I want to be able to ignore the first profile id and just pull the container information into a report like this (summing 'like' container sizes):

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    You need to do basic string parsing to retrieve the text that you wanted.

    From the sample data you provided, it appears that you need to:

    1. Look for the first " "
    2. Substring the part of text from the first " " to the end of text
    3. Repeat for the next " " until the field is completely parsed

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