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    Hi Everyone
    I am very new to access so i need some help on how to create a form.. I am creating a vacation database that has two tables... Employees & Vacation
    Employee table contains: EmployeeID, FirstName, LastName, Leader , Dept
    Vacation table contains, VacId, EmployeeID, Start Date , End date, Hours,
    I am trying to create a form using these two tables and having a hard time. I want the users to be able to input all these fields, first / last / leader / dept / start date / end date / hours. but when i create the form with these fields it doesnt add anything to the tables. I have bound all the text fields to the appropriate table and I used the button wizard informing to add record when the submit button is pressed. not sure what i am doing wrong.

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    If you're trying to enter data for both Tables, using a single Form, the Form has to be based on a Query and the vast majority of Queries are Read-Only.

    Since employees will presumably have multiple vacations, over time, you're describing a One-to-Many relationship, and these are usually handled using a Main Form, for entering data for the Employees Table, and a Subform, for entering the data for the Vacation Table.

    The Main Form/Subform would be linked using the EmployeeID Field, and the data for each can now be saved to their respective Tables. As you move thru the Employee Records on the Main Form, the Subform will automatically move to the Vacation Records for that Employee.

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    Hope this helps!

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