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    Unanswered: Oracle won't shutdown

    Hi, I look after 4 Oracle servers, have done for a few years, don't know much Oracle but know enough to keep them going, use Oracle to run one major business application.
    Recently we replaced our Oracle consultant. The original consultant trained me to shut the database down on the command line with 'shutdown immediate'. This way works.
    The new consultant tells me that 'shutdown immediate' is akin to crashing the database and I should not be using that command except in emergencies. He wants me to do 'shutdown'. However when i do this the server will sit there all day - eventually it will give the ORA01013 error (connections are still active, won't shutdown). So he then said that i don't need to do shutdown on the command line at all, i just need to restart windows and windows will automatically shut Oracle down.
    Judging from past experience this seemed too good to be true but i tried it. The database recovers each time but i don't think lines like 'Fatal NI connect error 12638' and 'Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads' in the Alert Log sound good. These entries ONLY appear if I do not shut the database down manually. I take that as proof that Oracle does NOT know when windows is shutting down and has to be shut down manually.
    Which takes me straight back to square one - I have to shut Oracle down, and the only way to do it is 'shutdown immediate' - but I have been told explicity not to do this....
    So when in desperation ask the authorities. I have had a metalink case open for 2 weeks on this. I have just complained - nothing new there, I think it's the worst support for a product I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. And eventually I might get an answer out of them, but meanwhile perhaps someone on this forum knows?
    1. Is it really bad practice to regularly use 'shutdown immediate' to shutdown a database?
    2. Is there a fix, where would one start looking for answers, to the problem of not shutting down 'normally'.
    I have 2 consultants telling me different things, I can't find an answer in any manuals and it is incredibly hard to get a legible answer out of metalink (I think one of the problems is they often cannot understand my description of a problem, and since i don't speak fluent SQL+ we often don't get anywhere). I don't know what else to do but post on forums.

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    >1. Is it really bad practice to regularly use 'shutdown immediate' to shutdown a database?
    Find another consultant
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    See what shutdown immediate does (and compare it with other options).

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    Thanks guys. Basically I'll keep doing 'shutdown immediate' - I have to anyway, nothing else works....
    So new consultant may not be as good as old consultant? Dam. Old consultant moved away, that was only reason for change....
    Yes thanks Littlefoot, i've read that, i'm sure it's Oracle waiting for all the currently connected users to disconnect from the database. But I don't know what users Oracle thinks are connected. I shut the major app that uses Oracle, I stop the associated services. What other users are connected? I am sure it is the SYSTEM user or something like that - but where would you find out something like that?
    Hence my open call on metalink for last 2 weeks....

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    shutdown immediate is the preferred method. It will rollback any uncommitted transaction. Shutdown will wait until everyone is committed and depending on the application will NEVER shutdown. simply shutting down windows is the same as doing a shutdown abort.If your consultant said that, he/she is incompetent and I would replace them at the earliest possible moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ntadmin2 View Post
    What other users are connected? I am sure it is the SYSTEM user or something like that - but where would you find out something like that?
    SELECT osuser, program, terminal
    FROM v$session;
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