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    Unanswered: Urgent Question about creating relationships among tables

    Hi people, I have been pondering over this matter for awhile and i still cant find a solution so i hope they you all have one. So i am new to access and i have done some self studying on my own about design basic and normalisation(although i wont following this strictly due to the nature of this database im about to build) and i understand the concepts but i cant apply this to my database. Here is the case: My database has 9 tables: Borrower Detail,Roles and Doc,Type of Security, Repayment,fee,checklist,regulatory submission,majority lenders,required accounts. The thing about this database is that i want all the tables to be dependent only on borrower details (e.g without borrower details, there will be no info in any tables). It is a one-to-many relationship with one being the borrower detail table and many being either of the remaining 8 tables. So the way i want to enter information in this database is using a form. First i will enter new borrower details in a form and then i will enter info into the rest of the tables(also using forms) based on each new record i entered .So can you give me a clear solution on how to define the relationship properly and also how can i add info in the 8 tables in such a way that the info i entered will be based on a specific borrower record.(e.g. in the Roles and Doc form, i will select the borrower ID first so that Access understand the info will be linked to this specific ID).

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    Hello xwnoob!
    Look at "DemoBorrowerDetailA2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    I made 4 tables and 4 forms, and a RELATIONSHIPS.
    You have to make the other tables and forms. Put these forms
    (as a subform) in "frmborrowerDetailMainform" in Page10 - Page14.
    Make a Relationships for all tables.
    I wrote 2 records in MAIN form, and some records in 3 subforms.
    Open "frmBorrowerDetailMAINform" and see.
    Adapt it as you need.
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