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    Unanswered: Need the values from forms on reports...


    I have created a db system for a solicitors firm, the main functionality of this system is to time record for each client.

    The solicitors enter in their time recording into a form(continuous view), they select the appropriate fields and codes(etc) and a total for each record is calculated and then a grand total for all the records is calculated.

    I need a way to show the grand total for each client on a report.

    I have a report which shows the clients name, DOB and a few other fields. However i need to be able to show the clients grand total next to their name and i need help with this.

    Can anyone recommended a way to do this?

    Also, there maybe three different grand totals which may or may not need to be added together?

    I have attached a sample of the database(2010 version) with dummy data.
    The searches which are currently done can be found by clicking on "Admin" "File Searches" and then a variety of buttons appear. Each button refers to a different billing category for closed and open cases.
    I need to produce a list with the total next to the same for each category and then i need to produce a list with all of the different billing categories for the one client put together.

    In short I need the calculated value from each client's form a report next to their name.

    Is there a way of doing this? Any links or any advice would be really appreciated.
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    I couldn't open your file with office 2010
    but if you want to pass values from form to report this might help but you should have the form open at the same time
    where formname refers to the name of the open form that has the value, and controlname is the textbox that holds the value that you need to pass
    By the way: I haven't tried it but read that in one other sites...

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    It didn't open?

    I don't think that will work as I need multiple values to be "looked up" and be placed next to the relevant person on a report.

    Basically I need to print of a list of client names with their total to be next to there name.

    I need this may require VBA or something but I am not quite sure.

    Thanks for your reply anyway, i really appreciate it.

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    You can always fill a temporary table from the form and base the report on it.
    Have a nice day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinndho View Post
    You can always fill a temporary table from the form and base the report on it.
    How do i set up temporary tables?

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