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    Unanswered: Access delays due to an incorrect path defined

    Firstly excuse my ignorance, I've only got basic Access Database knowledge, another collegue of mine makes most of the changes/modifications. After spending a day trying to troubleshoot our database and finding the problem that has led to some more questions.....

    To give a rough outline of our database, on one of the forms, there is a list of camera numbers... When you click on each camera you can fill in a heap of information about the cameras on the form. There are also a few different tabs, one of them being for snapshots. This references a file location where the snapshots are of cameras and displays it on the screen.

    What was happening, was when adding a new record (or camera) the system would freeze for a couple of minutes. I took a copy of the database and tried in on another computer, it was worse, it was freezing when creating new records, as well as existing records.
    We recently upgraded from Access 2003 to 2007, so I was testing the database on different computers and old versions, trying to rule out everything.... It wasn't making any sense until I deleted the snapshot tab on the form. Finally found the cause.... access was struggling because every record I was clicking on, it was trying to access the path/file where the snapshot was stored.
    So what I would like to know is, if there is any way to change the time out, or if it can pop up an error at least of what its struggling to do? Does Access have a log file?
    On a faster computer the wait time is quicker, but still no indication of what the problem is.
    The reason this problem was happening on our live database when adding a new record, was because the default value for this field, was for a network path that is currently down.
    A better way to do it would be to store the snapshots inside the access database rather than having an external reference point, but we were worried this would increase the size of the database too much (would been a few thousand pictures pasted in).

    So what I would really is a error message box or something so we know what its struggling to do. Is this possible??


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    Please don't store the image in the database as it will bloat out by HEAPS

    The images it trying to load must be blood big files so why not put a button on the screen that pop up a new form displaying the image

    "network path that is currently down" does that mean the server is down or the drive has not been map yet

    Why not make the default value point to the server. Ie \\servername\pathofimages
    hope this help

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    The long delays were because it couldn't find the path that it was trying to access.... I don't want it to even try to look for the images unless I click on the snapshot tab in the form.

    We often copy the database onto another computer (not on the network) for testing/modifying, if it going to have this delay all the time it will be annoying..

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    If you are moving between computers then you need to establish some mechanisma to handle that
    easiest is to defien a single common location for files in the UNC format
    but that assumes that the server will always be available and or visible

    failing that you need some form of switching logic as part fo the applciation start up
    IF we are running on the INTRANET use //servername/path/to/images
    if on a standalone machine use driveidath/to/images
    if on a remote machine ftp://servername.tld/path/to/images

    whether you do that as a start up request on a form
    which image library do you want to use

    and set a path variable accordingly

    if you test the path is valid (say look for a specific image which must be there) you coudl then pay the pain of a slow search just the once.
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