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    Unanswered: ComboBox Update (only updates upon Form View=>Design=>Form View

    I'm fairly new to access and using 2007.

    I have a form with a combo box referencing "SearchQ" query

    Basically i'm trying to display for edit multiple records in a subform based on fields in my table (only one in this simple db).

    On the subform my Master/Child links are setup correctly and the data is being displayed. However:

    The whole thing works based upon my selection in the combobox (cboSelectIndv) only when I go from Form View to Design View back to Form View.

    There is no code visible under the view code button under the design tab. And i've been google searching for 9 hours. Any help is appreciated.

    Also every time I select from the combobox, it adds a blank record with the name I use in the combobox.

    I've attached screen shots with the combobox data prop tab and subform prop tab and display view once the data shows up after toggling from form view to design view back to form view.
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    Wanted to add that there is an after event macro for SearchForRecord
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