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    Question Unanswered: Random db2sysc error

    Have been getting the following messages from db2diag at completely random intervals, time between occurances range from 1-2 per day to once every 3 days and I have not yet been able to to nail it down. We're running DB2 LUW 9.7.3 on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.5

    2011-11-10- I28441705E429       LEVEL: Severe
    PID     : 23663                TID  : 47328874457408PROC : db2sysc
    INSTANCE: db2inst1             NODE : 000
    EDUID   : 1312                 EDUNAME: db2hadrp (HRDB1)
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, High Availability Disaster Recovery, hdrEduAcceptEvent, probe: 20215
    RETCODE : ZRC=0x8280001B=-2105540581=HDR_ZRC_COMM_CLOSED
              "Communication with HADR partner was lost"

    "DB2 v9.7.0.3", "S101006", "IP23219", and Fix Pack "3a" WSE

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    And your question is?

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    I apologize, I had forgotten I had even posted this...

    HADR_SYNCMODE was previously set to SYNC when we clearly do not have the pipe for SYNC, set to NEARSYNC and the issue was resolved.

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