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    Unanswered: joins

    I have two table lets say students table 'Student' there Sibling table 'Sibling' and there othere education Details table 'Education'

    now i need to retrieve student table information based on student id + the no of records are there in sibling and Education table for the given student_id

    Hers is example

    The output should be like

    stud_id stud_name stud_age siblingcount application count
    101 xxxx xxx 2 5
    102 yyyy xxx 5 5

    I know this can be achived by using subqueris but i need to perform this more efficient way(ie performance wise), so hoping to get solution in joins other other efficent way

    Thanks in advance

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    >I know this can be achived by using subqueris
    so post this solution & we will see about improving it.
    post CREATE TABLE statements
    post INSERT for test data that matches you expected/desired results
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