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    Unanswered: UDB vs zOS Stored Procedure re-installation approach

    Here is the scenario:
    • I have a SP (example FRED00) which is live and is used heavily by online web-traffic.
    • I need to make a change to it and re-install whilst having zero impact to the web-traffic.

    So in order to do this without impacts here are a couple of options I’m aware of:
    • Option#1: Install the updated SP with a new name (eg FRED01) and then re-install my application (or config file) to call this new FRED01 SP
    • Option#2: Within zOS DB2 there is a VERSION feature which allows the same SP name to be used (FRED00) but with a newer system-generated timestamp. When new requests come in they ‘transition’ to the newer version; thereby migrating all traffic over in a matter of seconds or minutes without an impacts. The old version just becomes deprecated over time.

    Does anyone know if something similar to Option#2 exists within UDB?
    Thanks in advance
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    There is no versioning of stored procedures in DB2 for LUW. So option 2 is out. Option 1 seems a big kludge and could be a maintenance / version control headache. You could try just dropping and recreating it in the same transaction. This approach may take numerous tries if the catalog is locked because of it being used.


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    I typically use option 1, especially with applications that have multiple app servers and new code is deployed with rolling upgrade.
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