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    Hi everybody
    After toiling my hands with ms access, i have now moved over to sql
    I have a very basic question

    after i design my tables and queries on sql, i want the front end to be on vb

    how do i connect a form developd on vb to the table in sql

    for example

    the CUSTOMER DETAILS table is in sql server

    the form CUSTOMER DETAILS is in vb

    how do i connect each other

    please help

    any study material reference will also help me out

    krishnan hemanth

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    RE: newbee

    Assuming that you're using VB.NET, an introduction to ADO.NET may be helpful.
    Click here to learn more about ADO.NET and view examples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krishnanhemanth View Post
    i have now moved over to sql
    SQL is a language. It is not a product. You were using (some kind of) SQL with MS Access as well.

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