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    Unanswered: Help required pls!

    Hi guys, i need to lookup an hourly rate in sheet 2 but i need to link two conditions.

    I have rates for various people (eg joiners / electricians etc)...the rate they are charged at depends on:
    1. Type of worker plus location, (inside the M25 or outside the M25) &
    2. We have one rate for the 1st hour on site & another rate for time spent after the first hour

    When i select the type of worker & location (eg Joiner within M25) in column A on sheet 1, and then the time details in column C in sheet 1 (on same row), i need the rate to appear in column F...all the rates are stored in sheet 2 which is hidden.

    I think it is a match index function i need to apply but not 100% sure, can someone please help.


    Dont worry about this post people iv'e sorted it, if anyone else is struggling with something similar the formula used is below...

    =INDIRECT("rates!$I"&SUMPRODUCT(('rates'!$A$281:$A $401=A28)*('rates'!$D$281:$D$401=C28)*ROW('rates'! $I$281:$I$401)))
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