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    Question Unanswered: Filling up linked tables after importing external data

    Hi all,

    Background of this project is a database to aid HR instead of having them update a dozen of excel documents each time.

    This is my current situation:

    I'm importing data from a Word Form file using VBA and placing in into a table that does nothing except holding the imported data. The Word file is filled in by the employee with most of his personal data and should get loaded into the DB each time a new employee starts or some of his "data" changes.

    This data should get distributed over several tables.
    The main table which links all of them together is "Employee". This also holds foreign keys to a table "Address", "Partner" and several others.

    Can you guys advice me on the best practice to add/update the records to the appropriate tables once the import has added the record to the import table?

    Thanks in advance!

    If you need more info, just ask.

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    Just a suggestion: Why not design a form in Access to mirror the Word doc, then train your HR group to use the database? That way you fill the data when the database is designed, and never again.

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    I suspect that chris07tibgs' suggestion won't work because the HR team aren't filling in the Word document.

    If the imported data includes the employee's PK value from the table Employee, you can write a series of INSERT or UPDATE queries that will add or amend values in the other tables based on what is in the holding table. Then you either flag the record in the holding table as processed, or delete it.
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