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    Unanswered: RMAN 'copy datafile like' command - query

    Hi. Can somebody give me a good explanation of what happens during the following RMAN operation which is performed during an online backup using CommVault 9's Simpana SnapProtect?

    delete noprompt force copy of datafile '/db/data/testdb01/dbf/testdb01_data_01.dbf' like '/snapshot_ora_100/dbf/testdb01_data_01.dbf';

    In particuilar the 'copy of datafile .. like' part.

    It's clearly deleting the snapshot from disk as well as from the catalog .. but it's also copying the snap to the same location as the current datafile. Is it simply replacing the location of the copied datafile in the RMAN catalog? Whilst the actual backup copy of the datafile will remain on the filer and on secondary storage. Is the snapshot unmounted prior to this cmd when using Commvault?

    If somebody could explain the 'copy datafile like' cmd to me a bit more clearly I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.
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