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    Unanswered: Counting in Access Database

    Hey Guys. I have a database and I am looking to run a query based on the information below. any help would be amazing! Thanks!

    COLUMN 1: Customer Number (number given to each individual customer
    COLUMN 2: Order Number (number specific to an individual order)

    What I want to know is how many orders (count) a customer has placed. For example, the query would return.......

    Cust 1 - 5 orders
    Cust 2 - 2 orders
    Cust 3 - 19 orders

    Any info as to how to obtain this would be great. Thanks!

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    use the
    count(mycolumn) as resultname.. to count the number of rows
    use a group by to identify counts grouped the column called column name

    the column in the group by clause must also appear in the the list of columns in the select statement

    ms access count - Google Search

    ms access count - Google Search
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