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    Question Unanswered: number of connections to DB from the application

    Hi All,

    There are 13 linux machines that run a particular application, and all the instances of that application connect to a single db. Is there any way to know how much percentage of the database does each of those application instances are using??

    i.e, can we say,

    app_instance a is using x percentage of the db
    app_instance b is using y percentage of the db and the like.

    please help me.

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    >please help me.
    At the database level, Oracle RDBMS does not know or care about which client is issuing SQL.
    If this is going to be tracked, it needs to be done at the application level.

    Does application utilize connection pooling?
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    Yes the application uses connection pooling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javaguy View Post
    Yes the application uses connection pooling.
    Install Enterprise Manager if you haven't, check out the "Performance" tabs and/or generate AWR/AHS reports.

    PS: You could also generate those reports manually.
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