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    Unanswered: Database Schema for Job Board


    Im in the process of designing a job board from scratch. I am new to all of this but one of the things I want to do is make sure I have a good database schema. I customized one I found online which is as follows:

        id:           ~
        username:         { type: varchar(255), required: true, index: unique }
        id:           ~
        name:         { type: varchar(255), required: true, index: unique }
        id:           ~
        category_id:  { type: integer, foreignTable: jobsite_category, foreignReference: id, required: true }
        type:         { type: varchar(255) }
        company:      { type: varchar(255), required: true }
        logo:         { type: varchar(255) }
        url:          { type: varchar(255) }
        position:     { type: varchar(255), required: true }
        location:     { type: varchar(255), required: true }
        description:  { type: longvarchar, required: true }
        how_to_apply: { type: longvarchar, required: true }
        token:        { type: varchar(255), required: true, index: unique }
        is_public:    { type: boolean, required: true, default: 1 }
        is_activated: { type: boolean, required: true, default: 0 }
        is_premium:   { type: boolean, required: true, default: 0 }
        email:        { type: varchar(255), required: true }
        created_at:   { type: timestamp, required: true }
    Could anyone give me any input on this? Does it seem sensible? I would like to use this as a starting point and integrate "keywords" "industry" filters to the jobs.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated as this is my first schema.


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    do you really want us to vet your homework
    if you have doubts then talk to your peers or lecturer. after all your peers know what you should be designing, your lecturer knows what they are expecting.

    the problem of asking for validation of your model here is
    ..we don't do homework assignments.... we may help if you have a specific problem you are grappling with
    ..when presented with a problem we try to see the whole picture and woudl look at a datamodel such as you have presented and try to work out why 'stuff' is missing. bear in minds the needs of a datamodel for homework is often radically different to a real word requirement
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    I know my question some what stinks of a typical homework question, but you might have to believe me when I say this really isn’t homework. Im 22, I work as an engineer during the day and I really do genuinely want to design my own job board software for my website.

    Perhaps a better question if I cant get specific help on this model, is, is there somewhere I can see how a schema *should* be designed, so I can compare it to my own effort.

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