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    Unanswered: Create table sql

    Hi, I am very very new to databases and am attempting to run a basic SQL to create a table, using oracle 10g express edition.
    I keep getting an error informing me i am missing a right parenthesis, however I have included it! Any help appreciated!

    create table customers
    CUST_ID number (4) NOT NULL,
    FNAME varchar (15),
    LNAME varchar (15),
    ADDRESS varchar (5,10,5),
    CITY varchar (15),
    STATE char (2),
    ZIP char (5)

    error: ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
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    whenever you have problems with Oracle syntax, it would be the best thing to consult with the documentation. Oracle has very large set of documentation books; they are available e.g. online on

    CREATE TABLE statement is described in SQL Language Reference book. Just open the one for your Oracle version.

    > varchar (5,10,5)
    This data type is invalid; hard to tell whether any database supports it, but I would say that none. What data do you think will be stored there? Anyway it would be better to pick existing data type instead of inventing your own one.

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