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    Unanswered: Vertical scroll not working for single line text box

    Hi folks,

    having a bit of trouble with Access 2007 and a text box ....

    I have a Memo field which can contain quite a lot of text (300-400 characters is not unusual). On the form where it is entered I have a large text box, and vertical scroll bars for when the user wants to type in more than will fit. No problem.

    However, on another form I am trying to show a lot of data in a continuous form, and I really only have room to make each record one line high. This means that there will often be much more text than can fit in the text box at once.

    I had hoped that adding vertical scroll bars would do the job, but no. The scroll bar appears, but it doesn't work.It only works if I make the text box vertically big enough to show two lines at once, which really doesn't fit in my form.

    Am I missing something here? I attach a sample DB illustrating the problem in case anyone is able to spare the time to have a look!

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    Given your restrictions, the best thing I can think of is to use the ZoomBox function in the Textbox DoubleClick event:
    Private Sub MemoFieldName_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
      DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdZoomBox 
    End Sub
    When the user Double Clicks the Textbox it pops up a Zoombox with Scrollbars allowing most if not all of the text to be read.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi there Missinglinq

    That was an interesting suggestion, thanks - I hadn't seen that feature before. However, on reading up about it, I find that it doesn't work in Runtime systems, which makes it inappropriate for me.

    That did make me think about a DIY Zoombox - a very simple form - and I was thinking about doing that when I remembered that there is another part of my program where I ought to be having the same problem. But I'm not.

    It took me a while to track down the difference but the answer is .... Rich Text !

    Set the text format to Rich Text and the scroll bars work. Set the format to Plain Text and they don't. No idea why this should be the case, but there it is.

    Thanks for looking !


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