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    Unanswered: Server 5.1 on Win., Find MySQL User Account Settings to Change Root Password

    Hi All- I'd like to change passwords for users on a 5.1 Windows Server install I did not set up and for which I have no root password.

    Here's what I'm working with:
    a) I can start in --skip-grant-tables mode and run SQL commands in the mysql shell
    b) I have admin access to the Win 2003 server where the install resides
    c) I can create a batch file that changes the --init settings and can apply SQL to update the root password, but I'm not clear on where the root password lives
    d) There is a user.frm file in [install dir]\Databases\data\mysql
    e) I have a particular database I can use, which is where I really need to do the database account password updates, but mysql says the database [db name].users does not exist

    I'm wondering where the root account password is located so I can update it.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I had prepared a mini tutorial on the steps to follow in order to change the password. This is based on a Linux system but the principles apply to Windows. Check out: MySQL - changing lost root password - YouTube
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