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    Unanswered: Need help to create a payment system.

    Hello everyone. I'll appreciate if someone can help me to develop a database almost from scratch because I'm completely lost. I need to develop a payment system [not a very complex one].

    I study ICT A Level and my current task is to develop a system. I've chosen to develop a system where the employees have their wages calculated by a completely or almost completely automated process (I'll be attaching the database to the post so you guys can take a look - listing every field on the tables will take long. I'm not sure if it is normalized, any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, most fields are filled with random data).

    What I'm having trouble with is to create a timetable-like-form where the employees can be selected using combo-boxes (5 employees per turn during the day - there are 3 different turns, morning, afternoon and evening; during 6 days per week).

    • There are limitations to which employees can be selected during the same turn:

    • only 5 can work at the same time
    • only 1 Head Chef, 1 Cleaner, 2 Waiters and 2 Chef assistants can work during the same turn
    • since each turn has fixed hours; is it possible to once the weekly "timetable" has been saved to store each employees turn? - e.g. "employee 1 has done morning turn 3 times this week" - if not that is not a problem.

    The shifts table (check the attached *.mdb) is serve as a base for a query that will calculate lots of stuff.

    The main problem is finding a way to store input those weekly numbers. If you guys can help me solve at least that problem I've have an idea of how to do the rest.

    Thanks for the help in advance, constructive comments are welcome.
    (Sorry for any English mistakes, it is not my 1st language)
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