Hi All,

I am a student and I have a concept of 'lossless join decomposition' in my database course.
I am aware of the rules of finding whether a table is in BCNF or not , using the table FD. I came across the following question in Raghu Ramakrishnan book (solution included ) , but I could not understand why it is so ? It wud be really great if anybody can explain me the answer :

Q] Assume that each relation is obtained through decomposition from a relation with attributes ABCDEFGHI . FD for each are mentioned below. Identify whether the following relations are in BCNF or not ? if not, decompose into one :

1. R3(A,D), D → G, G → H
2. R4(D,C,H,G), A → I, I → A

Both are in BCNF

I am not clear how its calculated. Please help.