Hello. Trying to do an Access Update Query that will update a table with the results of a function. I am new to doing functions, so I am not sure at which point I have a problem here.

This is the problem. The db software my company runs keeps Contact Information on customers in only one field, it doesn't split them into FirstName and LastName. It does have fields for FirstName and LastName but they always remain empty, so for the purposes of a report I need to do I am trying to split up the ContactName field.

I have written two functions.

Public Function FirstName()

ParseWord([dbo].[Contact]![ContactName], 1)

End Function

Public Function LastName()

ParseWord([dbo].[Contact]![ContactName], 2)

End Function

My thinking is that I need a First Name and a Last Name to call them each individually.

In the query itself I call the function by putting [FirstName] or [LastName] into the update to column. When I change to view mode I can see that it does indeed split them apart, but when I run the query it only seems to work for some records and ignores others.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.