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    Unanswered: Assign Variable

    Hello. In my access vba code I am trying to change a hard coded drive to a textbox value assigned to a variable.

    I would like to change this;
    DeleteFiles "s:\APLINKED\", "", DateAdd("d", -10, Date)

    to something like this;

    varFrmDrv = Me.frm_entfname_path
    DeleteFiles varFrmDrv & "APLINKED\", "", DateAdd("d", -10, Date)

    Where s:\ can now be c:\ or whatever drive letter is entered in the text box "frm_entfname_path"

    Thank you.

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    So other than specify that you want the text property of Me.frm_entfname_path what are you missing?

    Where are you having problems. Your approach seems pretty straight forward to me.

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