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    iam using vb2008
    my backend is sql
    my tables have been designed, relations set and sample data enterd
    the front end needs to be on vb2008
    the connections have been made and the tables are in vb
    i have a basic doubt
    i have created a datast with 2 tables
    table custmer details is customerid
    table is customerid
    i have set the relation between these 2 tables
    where iam stuck
    on the form i have populated the fields
    customerid from workorder table is a combobox
    when i select a customerid from the combobox, i need all other related
    customer details data like address name to be populated automatically
    how do i do this
    please help

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    Can you post the code you used to retrieve your data and bind it to your combobox?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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