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    Unanswered: AVERAGE within time restraints, within intervals


    I have a need to get the average values of a field within user defined time intervals, between user defined datetime's.


    I need the average of the temperature from 11-20-2011 01:00:00(startDate) to 11-22-2011 1:00:00(endDate), in 2 hour intervals.

    So the query would be averaging for 2 hours, then the next 2 hours until it reaches the endDate.

    So far I have figured out the problem using php and while loops but I would rather execute this with one query rather than potentially querying the database 1000 times.

    So far:

    SELECT date_time, AVG(input_calibrated)
    FROM inputs
    (date_time BETWEEN $startDate and $endDate)
    (chan_id = $chan_id)

    I guess what I really need is a way to get some sort of while loop within the query to run changing the the BETWEEN dates until the endDate is reached.

    And direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Id have a look at the GROUP BY sub clause, along with the MySQL date time functions
    rather than do this as a series of selects within a loop
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    You need to look at this problem slightly differently. For example, the periods that you are looking for are as follows:

    11-20-2011 01:00:00 until 11-22-2011 1:00:00 in two hour intervals

    If you convert the date to the format YYYYMMDD and the time to simply the hour HH then we can do something

    SELECT Date_format(date_time, '%Y%m%d'),
    Floor(( Date_format('%H') - 1 ) / 2),
    FROM inputs
    WHERE ( date_time BETWEEN $startdate AND $enddate )
    AND ( chan_id = $chan_id )
    GROUP BY Date_format(date_time, '%Y%m%d'),
    Floor(( Date_format('%H') - 1 ) / 2);

    Basically we subtract 1 from the hour and then divide by 2. So 01:00 will return FLOOR((1-1)/2) or 0, 02:00 will return FLOOR((2-1)/2) or 0, 03:00 will return 1 and so on. As we are grouping by the date and the interval you will have all the results returned for every two hour period between the intervals selected.
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