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    Unanswered: SQL Server Logins

    Hello All,

    I have named logins and generic logins. For example, jsomebody and test. I need to write a query to exclude named logins. Not sure how to do it. Any ideas?

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    Is there some common criteria that will let you pick between the generic and the user-specific logins? All of them are "named" from my perspective, but without knowing exactly what or how you've named them I can't guess if there is a way to distinguish them.

    There could also be some criteria besides the names that would let you separate the logins too.

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    SQL Server Logins

    the login that I create for the application to connect to the database might be called appuser, and the user that I create for user to only select data might be called jsmith.

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    do your appuser is having any uniqueness in a string? if yes then you can filter it out and exclude the others by query.

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