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    Unanswered: Unable to Filter a Query to give me list of Employees

    Dear All,

    I have two tables TbleStudents and TblCourses.
    I want to to filter names of all those students who have attended a course From 05/05/11 until now. So I added the following fields in my query:

    StudentName StudentSurname DateOfCourse and in the criteria row under the DateofCourse i wrote >05/05/11.

    However, the query gives me name of each student several times because each student has attended many classes BUT I only want each employees names to appear once, as long as they have attended a course on any date from 05/05/11 to date.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    In the query design view, right click the window. Select Unique values=yes

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    Even selecting unique values will give you multiple rows in the output if an employee has been on courses on more than one day.
    SELECT StudentName, StudentSurname, Min(DateOfCourse) AS FirstCourseDate
    FROM [TableName]
    WHERE DateOfCourse  > #05/05/2011#
    GROUP BY StudentName, StudentSurname
    For every student/employee who has attended a course since 05/05/2011, this will give you their name, surname and the date of the first course.
    You can add other aggregate functions into the SELECT statement for other information, e.g.:
    Max(DateOfCourse) AS LastCourseDate
    Count(DateOfCourse) AS NumberOfCourses
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    As pointed out by weejas, my suggestion above would work only if DateOfCourse is not part of the query result which is what I thought you wanted.
    SELECT DISTINCT StudentName, StudentSurname
    FROM [TableName]
    WHERE DateOfCourse > #05/05/2011#

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