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    Unanswered: DB2 9.7 UDB - transaction Log space.

    we are running DB2 9.7 UDB on win 2008 R2 - HADR enviornment.
    Question about logs.
    I have setup primary logs to 40 and secondary log to 60.
    Log size is 10MB.
    Configured to Archive log.
    Database size is around 480GB.

    By checking archive log folder, I can see there are around 30 (average per day) logs are archived. This means to me that 30 logs are used per day.

    BUT, i did the snapshot for the database and I can see the following log details.
    Log space available - 1038669727 bytes
    Log space used by the db - 4786273 bytes
    Maximum total log space uses - 21070297 bytes
    Seconday log usage -0

    I reset the monitor ,then after 24 hours did the above snapshot.

    The question is, the snapshot information and the archived logs are not tally.
    Can someone give me some idea why ? am I doing something wrong ?
    please advise.

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    the maximum value describes the High Water mark for the amount of space used by open transactions. It's not the amount of logspace written over time.


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    the eqation is not correct

    as you said, according to the high water mark, only 20MB was used. So there should be only 2 log files in the archive area.
    But there are 30 logs in archive.

    Any ideas?

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    you can close a logfile with archive command - as db2 does while executing backup..
    the size of the closed logfile can be truncated because the file was not filled
    the nbr of files is not reflecting the logspace used....
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