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    Unanswered: FORMATTING Outlook Email in BODY of Access code

    hello, i have a button on my form, when the user clicks, an outlook email opens. however, i cant seem to get the formatting of the code in outlook right. for example, how would i get it to be bold or italics? im using access 97

    i attached a word doc to show what it should look like EXACTLY, what should i put in the .Body of my code for filling in the message?
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    Email Report

    Is this a user input form or locked down standard one?
    In any case it is quite easy to create a report and format as you wish before sending as an attachment or for that matter a form as well.Just edit your fields and use whatever format you like,save and send.Let me know if this is not clear.Or send me a form,report that you would like to have formatted.
    Good Luck.

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