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    Unanswered: dates in IF statements in EXCEL

    I"m having trouble with an IF OR statement in EXCEL using a date field. My goal is to look at a cell and identify the date as a holiday or Sunday. The format of the statement works with numbers, but I have had no luck with it when the field is a date. Here is the formula that I need fixed.

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    The dates inside the DATEVALUE() function need to be written as strings, like this:


    You could simplify your formula significantly if you were willing to use up a small amount of spreadsheet space to create a holiday table which could then be referenced using MATCH().

    Keeping all of the dates in the formula makes it long and harder to maintain, but I was able to simplify it to this:

    =IF(OR(D2={40537;40462;40493;40507;40544;40560; 40595;40693;40728;40791}),"Holiday","Sunday")

    It's worth noting that this formula is based on the same logic as yours: if D2 isn't a holiday then the formula assumes it is a Sunday.

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