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    Unanswered: Advice about InnoDB vs MyIsam

    Need advice in regard to choosing MySQL storage engine:

    I'm siding with InnoDB because I'm doing a project for my little company and security/reliability is a serious issue. Plus it supports transactions. The downside is it doesn't support fulltextindexing (which in my project might be kind of useful). Could you help?


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    if you need fulltext indexing then make that table MyISAM
    push the columns that you need fulltext indexing on into another table
    retain the MyISAM on the old table, and implement a one to one realtionship through software.

    enforcing relationl integrity through INNODB is fine, its easier, but there is no reason why you cannot do effectivley the same task under software.. thats the old way of doing things, and it can be just as effective PROVIDING every piece of software writing or modifying that table behaves and sticks to the rules that it implements RI.
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