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    Unanswered: How to clear Buffer memory


    I was executing one sql declare block. It has one input variable. While I was executing, it is asking for value, but next time onwards it is not asking, rather using the last value.
    Please help me to clear this buffer memory.
    I am herewith attaching the block.


    var1 INTEGER := 0;

    var1 := &&v;


    for i in 1..var1 loop


    end loop;


    In addition to this I have already used following commands to clear the buffer, but did not get any result.
    1. alter system flush buffer_cache;
    2. alter system flush shared_pool;

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    maybe you would be more successful if you knew what you use. In sqlplus, it is called substitution variable, and it is described in SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference book. It is available with other Oracle documentation books e.g. online on

    For undefining it, you should use UNDEFINE sqlplus command. For 11gR2 (it would be nice if you posted your Oracle version), it is described here:

    (maybe you are using other client than sqlplus; in that case, consider consulting its online help about substitution variables; it should be accessible from menu or by F1 button)

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