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    Unanswered: forms and reports

    Hi guys....

    actually i m new in forms and guys can u help me to learn forms and reports.
    let me know a good link or pdf book from which i m able to learn forms and reports in pl/sql.
    there is any tool/setup for it?
    i m know the procedure / function.there is no specific reruirement.i have oracle 10g (client) and here i m able to work in procedure/function but unable to work in forms and reports.
    so guys help me to learn forms/reports.

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    I'm not sure I got it ... if you only have 10g client, you can't do much because - you don't have a database. Where do you write your procedures and functions, then?

    On the other hand, if it is accessible to you via network, no problem - sorry for mentioning it.

    Forms & Reports - available for download from OTN pages - are 10gR2 (Developer Suite) and 11g (Fusion Middleware). Lower versions can't be downloaded any more.

    As of tutorials and similar documentation, I don't have any. If you can't find it on Google, maybe someone else know what to suggest.

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