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    Unanswered: subform to calculate balance in Access 2007

    Hello there,
    I'm new to Access, new new new, so I'm trying to build this db where a customer comes in and make a payment for a service rendered, they pay by month, then they can bring their pet back 4 times in a month, and I would like to get a form where I link to tblPagtos and I have a way to enter the date of the visit and it deducts the amount from the balance from previous week, then when the balance is zero, we send a reminder via email to the customer so they can make another payment. I tried so many combinations and I can't get it to work, any help will be appreciated it, I don't know any VB so for me is more difficult to understand the concept of using it. I really appreciate any help given.
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    Let me see if I follow you correctly...

    You have a form, that lets you select a customer, and then input a date that they are to pay each month on.

    The customer can then come to the shop, and on a different form, you want to be able to input the date of their visit, and, for that month, reduce the number of allowed visits from 4 to 0, by a factor of 1, as each visit is input.

    Upon reaching 0, an e-mail should be sent to the customers registered e-mail address.

    That right?
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    hi Kez,

    yes, that is exactly what i need...and I can't find a way.. I tried so many formulas..but I'm still leanrning...tks for the help

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