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    Unanswered: Calculate field if date exist, if not, donít calculate ?

    Hi, Iím new to this forum. Thanks to Google I have found this forum.

    Iím pretty sure you guys can help me with this issue.

    Hereís what I want to do. I have three boards. One for year 2010, the other one for year 2011 and the last one for ďcomparisonĒ. I want to compare 2010 to 2011. I have an SQL database that I extract the data into Access then I import the info into Excel. If you look at my attached example, the thing is 2011 doesnít have 12 months yet. So my calculation gets mixed up with other cells. And next year, Iíd like to compare 2011 to 2012, I will have the same issue.

    I need to find a ways to say : If CAT BCN from 2010 Month field EQUAL to CAT BCN from 2011 Months field DO calculation IF NOT (the month doesnít exist yet) blank.

    I hope it makes sense to you guys.

    Any help will be appreciated!


    PS : attached file is an Excel file in a ZIP file
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    Any ideas, anyone ?!?

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    How about this for starters. Say you have 3 worksheets named 'Compare' '2011' and '2010'.
    Assuming you have all your data for 2010 and 2011 data only through October, try this formula in the Compare sheet, cell D6 and copied down for the 12 months:

    If something more than this is needed and you need additional help, provide specific details of what you are comparing and where the information is stored.

    Your example has a single sheet. Do you want to compare data between workbooks?

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    Thanks Jerry !!

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