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    Question Unanswered: MS Access Normalization for batch production records

    I am just getting started creation a new database for batch process production records that will be filled completed in the field real time. I had started out creating a table that had fields for each step of the process. Such as:
    [Batch number]
    [Equipment] (lookup)
    [Process] (lookup)
    [Step 1 start time]
    [Step 1 comments]
    [Step 2 Start time]
    [Step 2 comments]
    [Step 3 start time]
    [Step 3 comments]

    I have seperate tables for listing equipment, Processes and standard times for each step of the process.

    I realize that another way of doing it would be to create another table with a list of the process steps and then my table would look somethink like this.

    [Batch number]
    [Equipment] (Lookup)
    [Process] (lookup)
    [Step] (Lookup)
    [Start time]

    The problem is, I want a form (batchsheet) that already has all of the steps listed for the data entry person and simply a blank for them to enter what time they completed each step. I dont want the client to have to select a [step]. Any suggestion?

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    As posted elsewhere:

    I would always favor the normalized design. One option would be to automatically create a record for each step at whatever the appropriate point is (perhaps when they've chosen a process?). That would likely be accomplished with an append query based on your table of steps, using the previously filled in values for batch number, etc.

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