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    Unanswered: Right click function using paradox 9 on windows 7

    I just recently purchased a new laptop and new PC running windows 7. I've been using paradox for years and its worked on everything from win 98 up to win XP with no issues.

    The issue I'm having with paradox 9 on win 7 is when I'm in windows explorer and I right click on a paradox file all my utility functions are not there like there would be when I'm using XP. These functions are found in tool / utility tab in the actual program itself. The choices are add, copy, delete, subtract etc etc.

    I've tried changing the compatibility modes but I'm still not getting the options to choose any of these functions in explorer when I click on the paradox file. I need to open the file, then click on tools, utilities, then select what I want to do, go find the file(s) and do it that way. This takes twice as much time and also does not allow you to add or subtract multiple files from one another.

    Anyone who has a solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

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    please post this question on the "paradox community" website/newsgroup, where most of the remaining Paradox developers and users can be found..

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