Hello all.
I have a big problem with a report made ​​in CR11. It is based on an SQL table (hereinafter BaseTable) but only serves as a structure. Now I try to explain well.
From VB6, I have to run this report. So using VB6 I create a local table in SQL CaseTable identical structure: the name of this table of course changes every time, but I see that always begins with ## and then a number.
So I fill this table with data to display in the report. Finally I try to change the location of BaseTable passing it the name of the temporary table with
crxTable.Location = Temporary Table Name
But the location does not change (I see it, however, the debug and report data is always free!).
If, however, use this statement Assign a location, the name of a real table in my database, everything works.
(NB I have omitted parts of the code is not useful, as the definition of crxTable, report, etc ...)
Does anyone know tell me why?
I absolutely have to work with this temporary table: the program requires it to me I'm making a customization.

I hope I was clear enough.