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    Unanswered: Facing Error while loading into DB2 table with Load-Append/Load-Replace

    Hi Team,

    We are using DB2 connector stage in DataStage ETL tool to load the data from File to Table.
    Load methods we used are below:
    For Load-Replace:Write Mode= Bulk Load
    Table Action=Append
    Load Mode=Replace

    For Load-Append:
    Write Mode= Bulk Load
    Table Action=Append
    Load Mode=Insert

    got below error
    db2_TABLE_LOAD: The connector was not able to obtain partitioning information for the table dw04.SE_CHARACTERISTICS in the database PMMIS00D. The method sqlugtpi returned reason code 0, SQLCODE -2,019. Ensure that the table exists and that it can be accessed. (CC_DB2Connection:btainPartitioningInfoForTable, file CC_DB2Connection.cpp, line 2,500) [pxbridge.C:5886]

    can someone please help me how can we solve this..

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