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Thread: DateDiff help

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    Unanswered: DateDiff help

    Good morning,

    I have a query where I pull a Julian date from a database: MYDATE
    Then get TodaysDate using (current date)

    SELECT MYDATE, (current date) As TodaysDate FROM LIBRARY.FILE

    I need to get the difference of the two in days. How would I do it in my SELECT statement ?

    I can convert the Julian date (MYDATE) to a date or a string that represents a be honest I am not sure what is being returned, but I use a Date Translation File to get it. My Date translation file has a FIELD TYPE of A.

    It's obvious I am new to DB2. Please help a Newbie


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    DateDiff help - update

    My Date Translation file is returning the date in a format like this:


    If I can convert 09/10/11 into a format like this 09/10/2011 then I can make it work. How can I make this conversion ?


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    What is the data type of MYDATE? What DB2 version and OS are you using?


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