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    Unanswered: MySQL & Schema Support

    I have tried searching and not getting an exact Yes/No type answer. I am working with a customer and they want a multi-tenant database structure. After reading much about it I liked the individual customer schema approach. For example Customer1.Patient table, Customer2.Patient table and so on.
    This would allow each customer to have 'customized' database structure while sharing the same database server.

    Does anyone have any experience with this and tips/hints, etc. I guess I am asking does MySQL support this and any links I can research on how to set it up.

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    While this appears on the surface good, you also have to look at it from a maintenance point of view. If your application needs a database change you will need to perform that same change everywhere. The more schema/databases you have the more changes you need to apply before rolling out the new application. On the other hand having different databases allows you to roll out slowly a new version of the application when data model changes are required.

    What type of application will this be i.e. web based solution? If this is the case you will need multiple configuration files setup with a username, password and default database which is used in the connection to the database server.
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