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    I am trying to create a database of recipes.
    Creating a table of recipes and a subtable of ingredients in each recipe and a separate table of ingredients is not that difficult.
    My problem is in being able to input a quantity of recipes for a weekly meal plan and printing out a shopping list.

    I mindmapped this out in Smartdraw and the jpg is attached.

    Any suggestions?
    With the design?

    ACCESS 2010
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    I had to deal with this at a couple of occasions to prepare food for winter camping expeditions. about 7 days long.

    Consider this:
    A day has 1 to many meals
    A Meal has 1 to many recipes
    A recipe has one to many ingredients
    A recipe serves one to many people
    An ingredient has one unit of measure.
    A shoppoing list has one to many ingredients.

    Unit of measure (UoM)of ingredient can be tricky. To me I used weight because weight was an issue due to the nature of the activity. So when I built my recipes, I had to convert ingredient that had volume as UoM to weight.

    On top of my head...
    --Build Ingredient table(IngredientID, ingredientName, UoM, Calories)
    --Build Recipe table (recipeID, recipeName, Portions, recipeNote) You need portions so that you can calculate the total ingredients then the shopping list
    --Build RecipeContent table (RecipeID, portionsRequired, ingredientID (This is a many to many table)
    --Build Table MealType (mealID, mealName) Breakfast, lunch, diner, day snack, night snack...
    --Build Table MealMenu(mealID, recipeID, mealMenuNote)
    --Build Table DailyMenu (menuDate, MealID, DailyNote)

    Then you build a query that will do the math to get the shopping list. and if you entered calories, you get your daily calory intake.

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